The Myth of the White Collar Worker (September 2016)

(City & Guilds of London Art School September 2016)
An installation curated to represent a domestic environment, with a retail aesthetic, similar to an IKEA store. The logo of two etched copper “iron” plates preside menacingly over the scene; a white collar shirt with a singed iron branded onto the back, stacks of blind embossed shirt collars in drawers – like never ending laundry. A central vitrine displays the discarded contents of a bathroom cabinet - our daily rituals consigned to history. On the wall a pair of bathroom cabinets represent the liminal space of the bathroom where we prepare to ‘face the outside world’; on display are bars of transparent soap containing razor blades, hair pins, hair and contraceptives - the personal detritus of personal grooming which hover over the boundaries of public and private, intimacy and fetish.
Round the Table (Phantom 2017 Anglia Ruskin University)
This small scale installation continues my interest in things which are “in plain sight”. A wall mounted frottage of an “upended” circular dining table, with stacks of cutlery projected onto it. Mealtimes another daily ritual which continues throughout our lives and despite times of disagreement and conflict; time to discuss, share experiences and process thoughts. Alongside the projection - two vitrines, archival in appearance, contain cutlery which has been wrapped up, stacked, and “drawn” using frottage.